The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank, have signed Loan Agreements for financing the Western Balkan Trade and Transport facilitation Project P162043 (Loan Agreement No.08929-MK) and the Local Roads Connectivity Project P170267 (Loan Agreement No.09034-MK). For the purpose of successful implementation of the two Projects in North Macedonia within the deadlines set forth in the Loan Agreements, they have assigned the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Ministry of Transport and Communications shall maintain throughout Projects Implementation the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) with responsibility to carry out complete project management of the Projects. The PIU was established in November 2019 in the premises of Ministry of Transport and Communications with 13 consultants, responsible for all aspects of project management, including planning, coordination with stakeholders, procurement, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, fiduciary functions and safeguards.