Reconstruction of local street Pitu Guli

With this sub-project is planned reconstruction of the existing asphalt road, parking place and sidewalks

With the reconstruction are planned the next activities:

  1. Marking the route of new planned sub – project
  2. Scratching the existing layer of asphalt
  3. Leveling, planning and compacting the subgrade until needed.
  4. Leveling and compacting the base course with crushed stone until needed
  5. Drainage with two line grids with channel and sediment
  6. Constructing predicted layers of asphalt
    1. Bituminized asphalt layer BNS 16a -6,0sm
  7. Spraying with bituminized emulsion in between the layers.
  8. Installation of granite curbs 18 / 10cm on a concrete base, according to detail
  9. Making a 10 cm concrete base for stacking stone slabs 10. Installation of broken stone slabs with a thickness of 3-5 cm for sidewalks
  10. Leveling the existing manholes