Road Safety Management Capacity Review (RSMCR) and improvements of road safety management capacity at municipality level (Local Communities)

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The objective of this activity is to support the Government of North Macedonia and Ministry of Transport and Communications in conducting Road Safety Management Capacity Review followed by preparation of detailed investment strategy and identification of safe system implementation projects and translated into comprehensive action plan for implementation of recommendations proposed through the review and investment strategy. The review should also cover road safety management capacity at municipality level (local communities). The Road Safety Management Capacity Review (RSMCR) should assess all past and ongoing efforts (especially the EU funded on lead agency), identify missing links and synergies among initiatives, recommend further institutional and technical actions that should support and help monitor the current and future efforts, provide detailed guidance to the national and local governments, etc. The assignment, especially linking the recent development in the area of the road safety governance and improvement or road safety management capacity at local communities, will provide the missing link in road safety management in North Macedonia and enable permanent reduction of road fatalities and economic costs of accidents.

The services include the following tasks:

  • Task 1: Road Safety Management Capacity Review (RSMCR). Assessing and strengthening country road safety management capacity is critical to the successful implementation of the World Report recommendations. Country capacity weaknesses present a formidable barrier to success and the central issue is how to accelerate the necessary process of shifting from weak to strong institutional management capacity to govern the production of improved road safety results. Account must be taken of existing institutional management arrangements and governing regulatory and legislative framework. The recommendations should assume a staged process to ensure that institutional strengthening initiatives are properly sequenced and adjusted to the absorptive and learning capacity of the country concerned. The capacity review will be based on the World Bank-Global Road Safety Facility Guidelines on Road Safety Management Capacity review and Safe System Projects. The review should also take into account 7 strategic objectives of the EU Road Safety Policies.
  • Task 2: Improvements of road safety management capacity at municipality level (local communities). Improving of road safety management at municipality (local) level is one of essential road safety activities towards reduction of road fatalities. Under this task the Consultant shall detail and, where needed, complete additional analysis to all institutional, regulatory and technical activities identified as priority actions on local level under Task 1. It is assumed that the consultant will need to carry out the following activities, based on the outputs from Task 1:
    • Activity 1: Guidelines (rulebook) for transposing institutional reforms on local level;
    • Activity 2: Operationalization of institutional changes;
    • Activity 3: Training to the municipal staff for implementation of the institutional reforms at local level.